Dec 7, 2008

when SAHM-one speaks - Christmas Preparation

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? What’s on your list?

NOT YET! I have done shopping for our inaanaks, pamangkins, parents, and some friends but not yet done for my self! Hahahahha! I bought some for my husband already and for my kids but I haven't bought for my self yet because I want my husband to buy for me sana. But he doesn't want that way, when he wants me to give or buy something he prefer taking me with him and let me choose what I want! That's okay naman kasi mapipili mo talagang gusto mo pero gusto ko sana naman ma surprise. Hehhehe =)

Here's my christmas shopping partI

I bought most of jollikids apparel coz their the only one offered me some discounted items. I also like the 3 in 1 shorts, and some are educational toys. The pants, socks and briefs are for my hubby.
These are the 2nd Batch of gifts I wrapped, the first few batch were done last november

Anyway, what's on my list?!? Hmmm... actually I don't have a list of what to buy, I ussually look for something na maganda pero naka SALE, but I have list of the people I'm giving gifts, here's my list:

Dad's Inaanaks: 8 boys and 7 girls
Mom's inaanaks: 8 boys and 5 girls
Dad's nephews: 4
Dad's nieces: 8
Mom's Nephews: 1(2 actually pero counted sa inaanak ang isa)
Mom's Nieces : 3 (5 lahat pero 2 counted sa inaanak)
My baby cousin: 1
Dad's family: Papa, Mama, 1brother and 1sister
Mom's family: Mama, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 1 bro in-law and 1 sis in-law
Common friends: 3 Boys
Our kids: Ishi and Ethan
Others: Ishi's 2 Teachers a

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