Dec 12, 2008

"Is There Such A Thing As Innocent Flirting?"

My husband and I met on my friend's Birthday who happened to be my husband's ex girlfriend and my best friend (Don't get confused!)...that was May 30, 2000. When I first saw him I had this feeling that I didn't that supposed to be love at first sight? I ignored that feeling coz first: i know that he's already an EX of my best friend but still ,you know....i find it awkward, second: i have a boyfriend left in our province where I studied high school ,and third: nilalakad ng best friend ko na ex girlfriend ng hubby ko yung isa pa naming bestfriend sa kanya, I dunno how to translate it in English =(
After a month we've met again and I felt this "thing" again...still, I ignored it!
We became good friends, he was inviting us to watch their dance competition, and we (with my two best friends) also inviting him to some parties/activities in our school (he was studying at La Salle that time and were in Caloocan Polytechnic and we're both dancers!).
One day my 2nd bestfriend told me that this guy (my hubby now) confested tto her hat he likes me! Whoa!!! I'm really surprised and feeling nervous that time! I dunno what to do! My 2nd bestfriend asked me if I had feelings for him too, and I said I dunno (Coz i really dunno actually, I'm confused!) All I know is just, I wanted to be see him always. I'm missing him whenever my bestfriends and I don't meet him. Then I finally realized then that I've fallen for him na pla! What did I do to make him fall in love with me? Is it the closeness? Or did I do flirting on him? ahahahha! Just wondering! I have read this post from Earthly Exploration, and I am thinking if it's true that "There's no such thing as Innocent Flirting". I didn't do any of the following: talking with a sense of playfulness, naughtiness, tease or even irony; While chatting you purposely or inadvertently stroke your hair or lips or chin;
Casual touches; or showing off your muscles or curves; Sending flirty emotes like winking or winking in person, or Footsies, the "feet under the table". Except for two things: Smiling suggestively and Sending notes, poems, or small gifts.
It's up for you to judge now guys!
Visit Earthly Exploration for more definition of flirting. =)

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