Dec 17, 2008

Realty Commission Came Just right in Time!

Being Property Consultant or Real Estate Agent is good for a Mom like me who chose to work at home and stay with their kids. It's just like blogging, all you have to do is face your computer, update your posts, deal with inquiries online and meet up with them if necessary. I love this job! Money is big if you work hard, though commissions were released based on how long is the payment term! If the Downpayment is payable up to 6 months then you have to wait for 6 months before you receive your commission. But if you can able to convince your client to pay his Downpayment in cash then your commission will be out after completing the requirements. It's okay with me if it's long term payment coz I'm like saving my money in a piggy bank (piggy bank coz there's no interest added). Coz the real sad part here is, when you don't have sales, then you don't have money! Unlike with regular jobs, you're expecting salary every 15th or 30th of the month! A sure Money!!!

I started trying this career last March 2008. My Ice Breaker was my husband. He invested a 1 bedroom unit at Berkeley Residences last May 2008. He's my lucky charm coz the following day I closed another deal with a Filipino Engineer in Dubai, the same project - Berkeley. I am so happy that time that I could close a deal already! I thought I'll never had a chance of closing a deal! Waiting from March to May is quite long for me. But they always said its okay for the first timer like me. They actually said it will take 6 months before I can finally get a sure client. Lucky me coz It's only 3 months since I started and I had instant 2 clients already! The next month i closed 2 deals again!!! I thought I was really lucky then but next month - July, I don't have any deal. The following month again - August, I luckily had a care giver client from USA and my first CASH Downpayment Buyer! This is my very first check I received! I am very happy coz i will be able to take my check after only 1 week of Client's Payment. This is the first time I handled almost 40 thousand pesos money!!! That's a lot for me!!! I never received money that big in 2 years working in an office or as a teacher!!! Thanks to my husband for convincing me into real estate instead of spenting 8 hours in an office and 3 hours for my back and forth trip.
But next to this month - September till now, so sad to be true, I never had a "close deal". =( They said It's because of the "recession". MOst of my clients were OFW, there are lots of OFW's who came home JOBLESS this past few months! Maybe that's why I don't have a buyer or atleast an inquiry! That means I don't have an income from September up to now!!!!

But since our commision is based on payment terms, I received a 2 commissions this month from my sales last May! And I'm still waiting for the other 1 commision from the other Developer this month. Hopefully, it will take out soon! At least, I have a money to spent for christmas and I can able to give gifts/help to my "poor" brothers and sister (i can say they are poor coz they were jobless right now, how can they able to spent a happy christmas if they,esp. their kids don't have anything to eat?! Sigh! tsk...tsk...tsk...). And now, eventhough I don't have a close deal from september up to now, I'm still happy and positive that I can still have more SALES hopefully this coming NEW YEAR!!!


Sherry said...

wow you must be good!

earthlingorgeous said...

wow congrats!

sent you $4 at paypal :)

sho said...

congrats. I quit full time teaching too to work on my own and thankfully, I am getting more than before. but i do miss the classroom and the kids.

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