Aug 9, 2011

Mom's Bday

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I love my mom so much. She is the most important woman in my life. I remember sitting in front of my television watching the evening news channels from and receiving a phone call from my brother. He told me that the doctor confirmed our worst fear, my mom had breast cancer. My heart dropped and I felt the room begin to spin. I do not remember putting the phone down, but I do remember getting on my knees and sobbing like a newborn baby. The tears would not stop and now I had to contemplate the idea of losing my mom to cancer. The word burned in my head and stung my heart. She was there for it all. She was there when I graduated,got engaged, got married and gave birth. She was the one holding my hand through it all. I knew I had to do the same for her. She was just as scared as I was back then. Well that was 3 years since I received that call and this birthday celebrates another year of health.

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