Aug 10, 2011

Cutting Bills

I was writing bill payments when I came across with the check book balance.  Yikes!  It is alarming.  We need to cut bills, or must look for cheaper service providers.  And stop not required subscriptions.  As I look at it, the highest bill we are paying for is the mortgage.  The house payment is very important.  We never failed paying on time. 

Next is the gas.  With sky rocketing gas prices, the budget is difficult to maintain.  I am limiting my travels if they are not necessary.  Our out-of-town trips are minimized also, so to save mileage and gas on my car.  Argh!  Isn't it a rip off?  Why are these things happening?  We don't have the control because we are only the consumers.  But our spending can be controlled, right?  We have low cost insuranceso there is no complain with that. 

As a housewife, maintaining the budget in the household is also my job.  A personal assistant to husband when it comes to checking the financial status of the household.  It is not easy you know.  It is tough.  Sometimes you will get a headache just looking at the expenses.  Managing the household's financial services leads to balance living too

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