Aug 30, 2011

Old and New Phones

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The first time I saw a cell phone was when I was in grade six.  It was huge then, it is like a telephone but it is mobile. I often see them in adult's waist, clipped in their belts and it has an awful sound when it rings. After that I saw beepers. I've been dreaming such gadgets before but I know I won't have that until I finish studying and earn money on my own.

I was lucky I was able to buy it when I was in first year college. I was a working student and be able to buy a phone of my own and better as the 90's phone. Nokia 3210 - that is my first investment for myself and I was so happy with it! After that phone, I bought a Motorola a blue one that looks like a small laptop. I love that phone and I miss it! After then I have a Alcatel. I love every phones I bought! After that Alcatel my boyfriend who is now my husband gave me his old phone another Nokia but forgot the model already. 

If you just have noticed I am not into latest phones, I am contented for what I have as long as it is reliable and durable. As long as I can call and text, set an alarm, check calendar and has a calculator I will live with it. I don't need a very techy and expensive phone. I just like cute phones that's why I was fascinated with this Cute NET10 commercial where Real NET10 customer talking about the cheap but cute phones.



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