Aug 23, 2011

Macbook Air Sleeves

Since portable computers, aka laptops, notebooks, palmtops, and ipads have been more famously bought these days than desktop computers, the protective covering for each has also proliferated the market with your choice of color and specific size that fits your gadget perfectly.  Like if you have a Macbook Air and looking for macbook sleeves or any laptop sleeves you can look for the 11" HERE and the 13" HERE.
It is important to have some sort of a bag like laptop sleeve for your gadget because it is your protection for unwanted damage especially when accidents occur. While you may not drop it, when it does, at least it does not suffer much from the shock it gets from the drop. The bag, pocket or envelope also protects your gadget from possible scratches especially when you bring them along while you are in a croded place.

Having those pockets in different colors as many as there is, it is more likely that your favorite color is available too. When you bump into someone else having the same gadget, you know which is yours and which is not.

They are actually elegantly cool!

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