Jul 30, 2011


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I was wondering before how does that 'homesick' feels like. I have an idea that is is hard and sad especially when husband left and was away from us for 9 months. But then I was thinking that  we will no longer feel that when we finally be together but I was wrong. We are still missing everything. Husband was telling me he was missing his friends and so do I. It is really different living abroad away from your relatives and friends. There maybe lots of communication available now and they are becoming cheaper and cheaper compare to the times before, but still it's different if you're with them.  I wish I could call a friend every time wherever and wherever I am like in hook, line and sinker but haven't found a cheap phone and a plan yet where everything you need is there. For now, I am just using an internet to connect with them. But it is always better to have a phone to use where there's an unlimited call, messages and even picture messages. I wish to share every experience I am having here in Ar and phone is the fastest way. Here's a video that is talking about what I really need. You might wanna check it out also for future reference.


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