Nov 12, 2008

when SAHMone speaks.......Entry #1

Do you celebrate anniversaries? How?

Waaahh.. that's very nice question. Actually, when we're still boyfriend and girlfriend, YES we do celebrate it in some simple ways. The usual way is that we watch movies and eat dinner together. Sometimes we give gifts to each other. I do always give a gift or a card but he doesn't give me gift sometimes lols. I understand because he was the one paying our bills hehehe =)
Now that we're 3 years married, we still celebrate it but sometimes we're not going out anymore. The last time we celebrate our anniversary, we're just inside our room watching downloaded movies in our computer. Hehehe =)
This is my first entry for When SAHMone Speaks.....I Love this game! Come and join us now!

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Thanks for joining!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary