Nov 21, 2008

when SAHM-one speaks.........entry #3

What would you do if you found out that your partner cheats on you?

picture tripping with my husband

OMG.....I've already experienced it and I don't wanna experience it again, ever!!!!
Well if that would happen again especially now that we're married, i really don't know what I am going to do. The last time I experienced it, I wanted to freak out and kill the girl! Hahaha yes that's how violent I was before but that was all in my mind, what I really did was nothing but cry (poor me). I have forgiven him kasi siya naman umamin. Hehehehe.

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earthlingorgeous said...

HI Jes, thanks for the questions, stumble, dig and technorati are stuff to make your blog more prominent mga anik-anik lang ba para dun sa mga gustong maging sikat ang blog hahaha!

Sasali ka ba sa contest ko? Register ka na para ma count ang pag follow mo sa blog ko tapos subscribe to my feed and blog about my contest and come back everyday for more points, syempre technorati fave din may link naman you can make an account kung wala ka pa.

Thanks see you later :) Register na ha? Sayang ang points hahhaha! Ingat:)

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