Nov 5, 2008

Ishi's 3rd Birthday Preparation

November 14 is nearly coming soon and it's ISHI's birthday na. Thank God I'm done with some of the stuff we need. It's just a simple celebration, we're just going to celebrate in her school with her classmates and teachers of course. I also invited some of her close cousins to play along and have some snack at home after Ishi's celebration in school. (Some of her favorite playmates aside from her bro Ethan, are cousins Julia, Aliyyah, Alynnah, Joyce, Pong-pong and Brent.)
There will be no games on her party except for the contest that I am planning, I'm calling it "Draw me If you Can". All of her classmates may join if they want to, all they gonna do is draw ISHI on a bond paper and color it if they want to. The drawings that more look like or most describes ISHI are the winners (1 winner from 3 years of age and 1 winner from 4years and above). At home naman I'm planning to set a play area sa terrace so they can play there as long as the want.
I prepared some party favors such as Lootbags (which I made personally) with different colors of blue, green, yellow and pink and same colors of "Pombong" for kids and some small balloons for decors. Foods are just spaghetti on styro and hotdogs with mallows on stick, and their favorite Zest-o juice. At home, I will prepare some of the kid's favorite like lollipops, m&m's/nips and lots of juice heheh coz I'll know they'll be needing it while playing hehehe =)

Lootbags -and "the making"

My invites were already printed, what I'm gonna do next is make an envelope for it(i prefer making my own than buying). Stickers for Pombong were also ready na, ididikit nalang kapag nahipan na. "Thank You" card is also done, lalagyan ko nalang muna ng candies yung lootbag then isasama ko yung thank you card.

This invitation was designed by newbie ME!

Ishi has her birthday dress already, Lola Mama bought it last October, I'll be pairing it with her black shoes or pink sandals nalang coz we can't afford to buy a new as of the moment. My problem nalang is her CAKE, i really wanted to buy her DORA cake coz she'll surely love it, but i don't think we can buy that unless Lola Mama will buy one hehehe. If we can't have the DORA cake then we'll just have an ordinary Goldilocks cake (hayz, so sad I can't even buy her dora cake, bahala na si batman).

Let me show you naman some of the stuff we've prepared for Ishi and Ethan's 1st birthday. Tarpaulins and invites designed by daddy and signatured frame designed by me. Lootbags and giveaways are my own design and creation. Cakes were all donated by Lola Mama as well as Ishi's dress (hoping she'll "sagot" Ishi's cake again) hehehe =)

And oh, I almost forgot, i just bought Dora birthday banner for ISHI instead of tarpaulin.

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