Mar 3, 2011

Dared to go Brazilian

I've been hearing suggestions from a friend long time ago about shaving or trimming pubic hairs. Some are not agree with it but some are recommending it but still I am ignoring it.

I know pubic hairs has it's purpose, personally what I know is that, it's a protection from any bacteria that will possibly infect our genitals so why remove it right? But some said it is more hygienic if you remove it, and some said shaving also adds more excitement to your partner.

According to Wikipedia, pubic hair functions are as follows:

  • visual indicator of sexual maturity[5]
  • collection of secreted pheromones[6]
  • reduction of external friction during sexual intercourse[7]
  • protection of sensitive pubic area[4]
  • protection of skin on the pubic area from certain infections, rashes, irritations, and acne[citation needed]and other kinds of infections

Maybe it really depends on people. Maybe some find it convenient and safe but some are not.
Personally, I really never thought of touching it or do something to it for any reason, except when I gave birth to my kids, I have no choice because it's an SOP.
But as time goes by, when I began to be exposed to different kinds of mommies like me, listening to their suggestions, learning from their experience, I started to change my mind about it.
Last month, I asked my fellow mommy bloggers in PMB group so I could decide what to do and so they shared their different views/ideas about it. And so based on what I have gathered from them, which is most of them were doing 'shaving' and so I became curious and was dare to do BRAZILIAN instead! :D I thought of having it over shaving.
I chose to have it at Lay Bare where most moms I know recommended. They used cold sugar wax jelly made of sugar, kalamansi and honey.

Photo of me taken after the Brazilian (don't look for the involve part) :D

I was a little bit nervous thinking how it will hurt me and the truth is, it really hurts.
From the start is was not that painful but when it reached the middle part of the procedure I keep on saying "ouch" already. But other than that, other parts' pain were tolerable.
Personally I wish to maintain this way, but it still depends on how my skin will react or how my hubby will like it! :D

Dared to go brazilian anyone?


Gene said...

Congrats! I want to try din soon, pero ubusin ko muna yung bagong bili kong shaving oil, sayang baka hindi ko magamit. hahaha!

Joy Mendiola said...

way to go girl!!!

Tetcha said...

That's an adventure to remember!

Cielo said...

Hi sis, visiting you from PMB.

Now I am becoming more convinced..Lay Bare is in Ortigas right?

I remember tuloy ang lola ko nung bago pa lang akong inaahitan ng kilay at nasasaktan ako sabi nya "kung gusto mong magl#ndi magtiis ka ng hapdi"


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Pinx said...

hi mommy jes... this is so cool! hehehe... actually nung dinidiscuss pa natin to sa PMB, i was really really curious and have been "wanting" to do something about the hair down there. it's true nga, it adds excitement and gusto ni hubby ang ginawa ko! hahahaha! soon na lang siguro ako magpapa-brazilian, for now, i just shaved it in super clean! maganda nga pala ang feeling... hahahahaha! naku, baka maging isang dosena na ang anak mo nyan (or natin!) hahaha! visiting you here!
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Ane said...

Hi Jes! :) visiting from PMB! :)

I want to go brazilian too! Pero hanap muna ako ng magandang place dito sa Baguio na meron nyan.. :P

nuts said...

how are you feeling now? lol! congrats! sali na sa beauty pageant. hehe..

*josie* said...

sineryoso talaga, hehehe. pwde na mag T-back.. parang baby na ulit.. :D

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Phebie said...

ma try ko nga yan sis...:)

Mrs. Kolca said...

Wahhh.. di pa kaya ng powers ko yan. Congrats sis!

Levy said...

BRAVO Jes!!! cheers... underarm waxing nga di ko pa nata try brazilian pa kaya... Galing at tapang mo!!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

WOW! ang galing mo naman.. di ko yata kaya yan..hanggang underarm waxing lang ako...

crazyme said...

Ayan, mapapansin na talaga ni hubby na may something different. honeymoon na ulit.

C5 said...

Wow ang lakas ng loob mo! :)

Jes said...

hi mga MOMMIES!!! thank you so much for visiting! ahhahahahha

YES LUMAKAS ang LOOB ko thats because of YOU! aahhahah kung d tyu nag usap usap about it then nde ko sya malalaman :))

Thanks! PMB is really a GREAT place where you can get so many IDEAS and EXPERIENCES :D

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