Feb 17, 2011

"I love my Family" by Parentin-TV

In time with the ‘Love’ Month celebration, ParenTIN.tv presented “I LOVE MY FAMILY” at The PODIUM Mall last Sunday, February 7th, hosted by Ms. Rosell Velasco-Taberna and the founder itself, Ms. Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao.

Miss Rosell and Miss Tintin

I attended the said event together with my fellow mommy bloggers and our mini bloggers (our kids) and both enjoyed everything that day. While listening to different topics discussed in the events, kids are enjoying in ‘kids area’ where they can paint along with other kids there.

kids at work

Some topics discussed were about ‘Marriage and Parenting’ by Ms. Maribel Dionisio, Dr. Arvin Faundo of Cordlife Philippines talked about ‘The Importance of Cord Blood Banking”, and the couples Tibbs and Vangie Eballe shared with us the “Five Language of Love” which personally my favorite topic that day so I am gonna do a different post about it soon.

Ms. Maribel Dionisio

Mr. Arvin Faundo

Mr. Tibbs and Ms. Vangie Eballe

It was a very nice and fun event for moms, kids as well for those Dads who also attended.

Mr. Tibbs and her partner not just in giving talks about marriage but his partner in life, Ms. Vangie Eballe gave husbands and wives a little surprise. All husbands were invited backstage and surprised their wives with a flower. It was a very heart warming scene! I love it when the husbands first, courageously participated in this event then give flowers their wives and kissed them in public (the best part, yet worst for me coz I badly missed husband). Enough with the drama, sorry I just carried away, lol.

Couples in Love

The program didn’t end in kissing scenes of course, Ms. Crystal Hynares, daughter of Dra. Vicky Belo and General Manager of Belo Essentials shared some tips on how to protect our skin. She also introduced to us their new products for men and women, the new Belo Essentials Whitening Face Wash, whitening Lotion and whitening body bar!

Ms. Belo

And if there are for moms and dads, there were also for the kids. Ainon Baby mascot danced with the kids on stage, and a little talented girl Angel Hukom showed us her talent by painting on the spot that inspired my kids. Another thing is the Eureka‘s performance that made my kids hypnotized watching this group and I can see how are they amazed on their performance. After then, Baby Company announced the 3 winners of the ‘drawing contest’ for moms and kids 3 years and below held in kids’ corner. One of our proud mommy blogger and her baby won the 2nd prize and got a special prize from BABY Company. Baby Company also introduced their new “MOM CARD”. Just like any advantage card, it can also earn points but not just 2 points but 4 points in every 200-peso purchase in any of their products!


Ainon and my Kids

Angel Hukom and her paintings with other kids

Is it too much fun and excitement already!? But wait, that’s just the first half of the program coz Ms. Tin Bersola invited a very special guest to sing for us and also serenaded the three lovely moms who won in the contest “Total Make Over‘. My fellow Mommy Bloggers seemed having a nostalgia with “The Rainmakers” songs! Some of them can’t help their selves but sing and dance with the music! Moms are really so cool that even got up on stage and dance with The Rainmakers! Whew! I saw hot mommas dancing on stage that day! I didn’t let this opportunity pass by so I dragged my kids to the stage and have some photos with them.

The Rainmakers with Me and my Kiddos

And so the finale, the three moms finally finished with the “Total Make Over’ they got! They are all lovely with their head to toe outfits by BAYO! Their hair and their faces became more fabulous with the help of DAVID’s Salon experts! Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your new looks and continue to shine using the BELO esssentials prizes you’ve got! I am also impressed to those husbands who wrote a letter for this contest. I am so touched hearing their letters just to have this make over for their lovely wives! And YES they won! Congrats again, I am sure after this event, these couples headed to some place where they can have their advance Valentine’s date (kilig).

The Lucky Winners after their Make Over

And finally to end up the program, Ms. Tin Bersola-Babao thanked all of us who attended the event especially all the sponsors who made this event possible!

Mommies didn’t forget to chitchat for a while and have pictures ofcourse! :D

This maybe my last event in ParenTIN-TV for a while and I will miss this event for sure! I will miss the mommies and our ‘kulitan’ moments! How I wish we could avail some Monaco grand prix packages before I felt. Yay my post is becoming a novel now, enough with that!

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