Jun 10, 2009

How's My Day?

Oh hi fellow bloggers, fellow mommies! I know were all busy these days because of start of classes of our kiddos. My daughter just started to go to school today. It's not actually a regular school. It was just a familiarization day until tomorrow. I am starting to get busy again, I hope to manage my time between my kids, my work and mu husband. I am the one bringing and picking her up to school so I have to wake up early in the morning, after that I have to stay online and accomodate my clients. Gosh It's almost halfway of the year and 2010 is coming so nearly. I am so nervous, I have to earn more for our condo's processing fee that we have to pay in cash before the turn over date. But I am also excited because we will finally have our condo and start to design it. We're already planning about it and thinking of what furniture to use. My husband wants a rustic furniture but that depends if we can afford to buy one. Oh, I am so exhausted today, I feel very sleepy coz I didn't sleep well last night. I was worried because my sn has a fever and cough, I was very paranoid because of that N1H1. Thank God he's good now, he's fever has gone after giving him a paracetamol but he still need to drink some medicine for his cough. Again, thanks God!


Sherry said...

me headache with sis's tenant who is saying this and there broken. repairing cost alot money :(

anyway.. here is another contest I posted today which I taken part. haha... I love the clothes but the top cannot wear outside. its family not like I wear like that :(

Sherry said...


is the link :)

Sherry said...

thanks jes, you are right at least I can see I am not blind.

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