Jun 3, 2009

Shopping for School Supplies

We just had our shopping last weekend. We bought our groceries for the month and my daughter's stuff for the upcoming school year. I believe I am more excited to buy school supplies than my daughter. What do you expect she's only 3 years old! The only thing she's excited about is to have her Trolley Bag! She's been longing for that ever since she started to attend school. When I told her that we will be buying her a trolley bag, she's been very excited! This is the very first experience of mine shopping for my kids' stuff for school. I remember when I was still studying, I love having new things, new bags, new shoes, new pencils and even a new haircut. My daughter was just starting to grow, I'm sure next time, she'll be the one choosing her own stuff, actually she just started it, she's the one who chose her trolley bag. I actually wanted a personalized kids backpack for her but I want my daughter to choose her own bag. There are lots of cute things in the store nowadays. I don't wanna look at them, don't wanna shop things I don't need. I don't wanna buy things because I just like them, I wanted to buy useful things like what I saw again, a laundry bag. I've been planning to buy one for panties and socks, I wanted them separate from other clothes. Oh here I am again can't stop looking at these items....I saw another one but thank God I don't be needing it anymore...a baby memory book! I love stuff like that, my kids do have couple of baby books. I stopped looking around when my husband called me to go to the counter already hehehehe. Oh I hate going to the mall!

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