Oct 6, 2011

Teaching parents the Internet

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

My parents had just gotten around to learning how to use the Internet over the past few years. Ever since my husband and I started having kids, they had shown a new desire to stay up to date on technology. I saw an ad for http://get.wildblue.com/internet-provider/oregon/d/dayton/ and learned that this service would be the best for their needs and location. Just last year, I set them up with email addresses so that we could keep in touch since we lived so far away from one another. This year, my mom decided that she wanted to try her hand at online shopping. Since they planned to come and visit us this year since I had just had a baby, she wanted to have all of her shopping completed and awaiting her final touches when she arrived at our house. We always had a very efficient present wrapping station, so I knew she wasn’t worried about getting that part done. She always had an elaborate wrapping station set up every year when I was growing up, so I continued the tradition.

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