Sep 30, 2011

Shopping for Winter

Fall is up and it's getting colder and colder! I am starting to shop for our winter clothes already and I started with jackets and some long sleeves. There are plenty of sale items online and I am getting crazy about it. I love the winter jackets but some are very pricey. I bought my kids a winter jacket for $17.99 each from the original price of $49. I haven't seen it for it wasn't delivered yet so I am hoping it will be nice. Aside from jackets, I also bought Ishi a pair of boots. I saw many styles and they are all pretty like pajar boots. There are some blowfish shoes also for winter and I love one for myself! I haven't shop for me yet, I wanna prioritize my kids' stuff first coz they need it in school.  Aside from these stuff, I think I need to buy some scarf and bonnets and gloves soon.
Winter clothes are pricey but I enjoy shopping! I love all the winter jacket designs and so with the boots! I wish I can buy mine soon too!

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