Oct 18, 2011

For Green Living

I have not been minding Mother Nature that much until I became a parent. It was only then when I realized how awful, dirty and polluted our environment have become. I used to not notice anything, maybe because I was already accustomed to the trash and pollution that I see.
When I became a parent, I realized I had to do my share in taking care of our planet. I had to use reusable eco-bags when buying something from the mall instead of their plastic bags to reduce our plastic bag usage. When I threw parties for any family member, I schedule the visitors in batches so I have time to clean the utensils instead of making them use paper plates, plastic spoon and fork, and disposable cups. I learned the art of waste segregation and recycling. In fact, I and the kids have made several art pieces from recyclable materials. We were able to lessen our waste, at the same time it made a good bonding time for us.
That is how we reduce our trash. As for pollution, well, we do not use anything that emits CFC. I constantly pray also that every smoker out there would switch to electronic cigarette to lessen pollution caused by smoking. We also check up our car every now and then to ensure it does not become a smoke belcher.
But that is just my family. We should work together for our only planet.

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