Jul 11, 2011

Few Days to go Before I Turn 30!

I am counting days now before my very big day comes. Yes It's gonna be my birthday soon and I will be thirty!!!! 2 years ago I was dreaming of a birthday celebration. I wanted it to be special since age 30 means so much to me for I haven't figured out reason. I was just happy and feeling excited I', gonna be thirty soon! Since it's been two years that I am thinking of a celebration, I was expecting I could be able to do it but there are lots of things happened in that two years. Some are good some are bad. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to celebrate my 30th birthday in a manner I planned it. But guess what? God gave me a better celebration and gift! First He gave me the chance to land in America, that was far beyond my imagination plus the bonus of being with my family. God is really good! This is a very nice gift! And the celebration He gave is that, I am celebrating it online!! God gave me a generous sponsors so I was able to have a simple prizes, not much of a prize worth diamond bar houses  but it's just enough to make the winner smile.
Thank you very much for my sponsors!! I really appreciate you kindness! Thank God for the wonderful blessings!

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