Feb 10, 2011

Our Little Investment

I started to become interested in real estate properties when husband and I got married. I tried looking for a house that we could possibly afford that time. We were about to have Ishi back then and we wanted to give her a house of her own. But since our income seems not enough to any of the houses we wanted, we decided to wait for the right time and stayed in my Parents in Law's house. Until now, were still here waiting for our 'little investment' in Quezon City to be turned over. Yes, after 3 years of waiting, we finally had a chance to invest a '1 bedroom condo unit' in BERKELEY RESIDENCES in front od Mirriam College in Katipunan.
Now we were just waiting for the turn over until we finally called it 'ours'.
I can't wait to have it and furnish it. This is my dream, to have our own little home someday. But since we we're going to America and will stay there for a while, I can't be able to furnish our unit by myself anymore. I won't be able to see it furnished, though I have my plans already. I wanted to have a Laminate hardwood flooring, a double deck for my kids, a plain but light paints on the wall, and many more. I waited for this and it seems that it is impossible for me to take care of everything our unit needs. I am leaving this March and the turn over is March. But anyway, my Mother in Law will soon take over so I have worries no more.
I will just see it in photos soon!

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