Jan 24, 2011

I hate Dentures!

Oh Gosh If only I could turn back time, I will surely not gonna let this happen to my teeth!

It’s hard to use dentures or false teeth. It affects so many things in your body like your taste, how you talk and pronounce aside from the discomfort it’s causing. I started to use dentures when I was in first year high school. I was kinda excited that moment, feeling like I have something unique in my teeth coz some of my classmates and friends were amazed of it. Ahhh I can say we were really innocent or ignorant? Oh well but that’s how I feel back then. But when I got married and have kids, I am kinda conscious already. I want to change it, look for a dentures that looks so real, etc. Last year I just had a new dentures, I changed it to ‘fixed bridge’ where you don’t need to remove it, from the word itself, it’s fixed. :D

But, I forgot to tell you that’s just one of the dentures I am wearing right now. Imagine how not so comfortable I am right now?? So if I were you better take care of your teeth pals. I so hate it! But I don’t have any choice, I have to take care of my other teeth and gums and the whole mouth so I have to have these weather I like it or not. :D

How I wish my kids will not have a teeth like me in the future. I must not let it happen. NEVER.

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