Aug 4, 2010

CC : We Are Opposite

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Couple's Corner once again...I am missing my husband so much, times flies so fast and I thought I would get over it soon but no...I am missing him so badly. How I wish we could be together so soon.
But for now, since I am missing him so much, talking about 'US' makes me feel he's just here beside me =)
So opposite huh? Hmm...last time I posted about our hobbies together, a co-blogger is right about objecting in my lines "I believe you'll never last together or never be together if you don't have something in common." I myself disagree with this, lols. I just realize, we were actually an opposite. =P
Yes we do both love watching movies, we do both love dancing, we are both 'Leos' we are both love exploring but some of our personalities, types of things were somehow different. I can't explain everything and I can't enumerate them right now but yes we are opposite. I guess this proves "opposites attracts" =)
Some basic example is choosing kids' stuffs like kids bagpack and nap mats, he got his own preference, we're totally different. =)
In clothing we also have different taste, he's actually my critic in fashion =)
In disciplining the kids, we have some differences but we are talking about it.
In house decors, he also has his own taste but It's okay for me no matter what he wants, I'm actually learning =) I wanted a garden like in dallas sod but I just don't know if he'll like that.
Those are just basic differences between us, but good thing about that is we do both LOVE each other and that's the best thing we have in common =)

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