Aug 25, 2010

Ilocos Rosewell Hotel

Have you ever been to City of Laoag in Ilocos Norte? Have you seen how beautiful and rich that City?

I was born in Manila, but I grew up there. In my 6 years of stay there, I have learned a lot of things, I have experienced typical life in province. There are few cinemas, few malls, not even using credit card yet, etc.

After 10 years of no visit, I came back there last summer to stay in Pagudpod and visit some tourists spots and I’ve seen lots of changes. Lots of development. Tourists multiplied. Banks are everywhere, popular fast food are also established. Malls are also everywhere and surprisingly there’s Robinson’s Mall already. I wonder where would Henry Sy will put his SM super mall =) I am really amazed how this city has become.

Since this City has gone this far, I am not surprised why there are lots of HOTELS have established. This one caught my attention, ILOCOS ROSEWELL HOTEL. I never saw as classy as this like Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel. Fort Ilocandia is pretty expensive because most of the tourists stays there. But now, most of them stays in Rosewell already. Why not? If the facilities and amenities are most alike and yet you can have rooms for as low as 1,200! Aside from loving their amenities and facilities as well as the service of our fellow countrymen, guests will also love the food where “Eat-All-You-Can” for only 150 pesos!!! This is a real treat for our tourists!

Next time I visit Laoag, I will surely stay there. I am actually referring it to my friends who are also visiting Laoag and they love it too! I really missed Laoag already! I wanted to go back there again as soon as I have chance.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you are interested in Ilocos Rosewell Hotel, you can visit their website and reserve now! =)


Sherry said...

I like all you can eat hehe

here need pay USD$28 per person to eat so expensive I cannot go often also and I know is not healthy eat like that. I go like once a yer as need save money for family go.

Loomis said...

Great Article, and blog :)

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Renz said...

P150 for eat all you can? PahNahLOh!

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