Jul 11, 2009

My Blogging Career

I just started blogging last September 26, 2008, I just had an idea about it when I read my sister in law's blog. I really love her personal write ups. I love the way she write. This is actually my dream, to write and to share my ideas to other people but I don't have the courage to start it that time. Until I read Julliefer's blog and until she told me about earning money while blogging. I am really interested in making my own blog site and write about anything, it's just that I am afraid to receive criticisms for I am really not good in english. But the idea of making money while blogging really pushed me to start blogging already. And then I started to ask so many questions to Julliefer. I have learned so many things when I started to blog, thanks to Julliefer for sharing her knowlegde on how to blog, how to put a link, how to make a header etc, etc. After three months I started to earn dollars online.

my PPP page and my earnings for 7 mos

It's been 10 months now since I started blogging, now I can already shop online using my paypal money and got addicted making photobooks. I really love blogging while earning money! I am really happy I am into blogging! I am really satisfied I am making my own digiscraps/photobooks! I am really glad coz I've met so many friends in blogosphere! Hope to earn more and win more friends!!


sweetytots said...

congrats! belated happy bday pala!

Anything Under the Sun said...

blogging can be a good source of extra income. have you tried adsense?

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