Jul 6, 2009

Just Came Home From The Hospital

My husband and I rushed our daughter Ishi to Chinese General Hospital just this morning. She's been vomiting the whole night. We're so worried coz whenever she eats or drinks something her stomach seem not to like it, she still blows it. We arrived at the hospital at around 9am having a fever of 39 again and she just blew the Milo drink we just gave her this morning. I thought she's gonna be confine but thanks God she's not. She didn't blow the paracetamol the nurses gave her and the food she just ate after the paracetamol. The Doctor advise us to go home already and buy the medicines she prescribed to us. We're home now and Ishi is taking her rest. Hoping she''ll be fine soon.
My husband and I were so worried about another thing, financial matters. Most of the families I know were having a problem with this. Emergencies like this were given so we really have to prepare for this. And that is our problem, we're not ready for emergencies like this though we're expecting it. We're actually worried about our condo's processing fee on 2010 and now comes another thing to worry. This is more serious coz It's all about my kids health. If this happens you should have enough money for hospitalizations. I think my hubby and I needs to find an investor leads already. We need to save for our kids health. Gosh, this is very hard for me. I am just praying to God to please help my kids to have their full recovery. He is the only one who can help us during these times.

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