Jul 13, 2009

I Want a Business!

I remember having a business when I was only 8 years old. One day my papa saw me selling chocolates in our little window. I am buying some packs of chocolates in the market near our place and I am hanging it in our window like what I am seeing in stores. The day after my papa saw me selling chocolates he decided to put up a real store for me. I was actually the one managing it at that age, now I know why my papa was so strict in teaching us Math, maybe he just wants us(my brother and I) to become a good businessman someday. After a few months putting up that store, God took him from us. I remember my papa telling his friends before he passed away that when I grew up, I will become a businesswoman. I just realized it when I was in high school that he's right about his prediction. I am really into sales, I am into this kind of work. How I wish I could have enough money to put up any business. I tried my luck in direct selling like Natasha, Avon, Fullerlife, Boardwalk, MSE etc. but it didn't work. Now, I am into realty, I am selling house and lot, condos and lot only and I am enjoying it a lot! It's just that, my real dream is to have a store. I want a sari sari store and general merchandise before. I find it so fun and exciting. I love selling different things, I want a very colorful store. I am still thinking of owning a sari sari store but I don't have my own house yet, maybe soon If I have one already. For now, I am thinking of a simple business, I want to franchise one. Someone offered one already and I am still thinking of it. I have to think about first if this kind business will work or not. I know that I should take risk, but of course I have to think about it first right? I don't have any idea in franchising yet, hope to have one soon I really love to have a business already. Hope to find a good place to put it up if ever.
Anybody who can give me ideas and tips what to do? And what to choose? Thanks guys!

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Jona said...

food business is always a winner. considering of course the location and quality of food. i hoope you find your heart;s desire.

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