Jan 26, 2010

What's New with NEW YEAR?

Hello there! I'm Back!!! I missed blogging soooo much! It's been two months! Acer really sucks! How come I have to wait for almost two months before they deliver the speaker and keyboard my laptop needs? Anyway past is past. I already have my laptop and I can blog now! Hooray!!!
So what's new? Aside from knowing that payperpost is no longer that active, what else? What else did I miss? Did I missed new stuff online? I missed shopping online already! I missed digiscrapping and artscow! Is there something new I could be interested with like these personalized duffle bag, insulated lunch tote and the undying laundry bag I've been longing? Oh how can I able to buy those If I don't have much opps right now? What else? How about me? Oh, there's nothing new, just like the old Jes, still Jes. I am still jelous with my husband's office mates, still paranoid even though I've already proven to myself that my hubby is not what my dirty mind is thinking. Poor hubby of mine. I'm sure he's so tired of me already. I'm trying to change, but sometimes I just can't control my immature feelings. Sorry Daddy! I love you! I am trying to fix myself ...I don't wanna lose my husband, I don't wanna lose his LOVE, the only thing that inspires me everyday. Aside from these things, hubby and I have new bonding moment, FACIAL Massage @ Let's Face It! I love it! I love the one hour stay in that room lying and holding hands with my hubby. That is so sweet! We we're suppose to spent our time in the gym also every other night but his schedule is really hectic now that he is with a new project. Hope to have more bonding with hubby. I always wanted to stay beside him but I just realized I have to lie low sometimes. I have to teach myself to let go sometimes. I am also learning to love myself, have a break and enjoy being alone sometimes. I hope that helps. Okay, that's all for now. I really wanted to blog more of my changes tonight but I have to sleep already. I'll be blogging tomorrow again! Night!

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