Feb 25, 2012

Enjoying Clipix

I was busy organizing my online stuff. I feel so overloaded with all the new stuff online going on! IEspecially now that I have 

I just started to put all together my BLOGS and I am so glad I don't have to go to  my list once again and take a look at my blogs I need to update. So loving clipix, really! Everything is in there! Links and Photos of everything you love such as you tube links, blogs I love to follow , read and comment, sites and photos that I am always cheIcking over the net, and so many more!!! I love this online organizer! It's more than collecting photos, links and all, it's making my life easier especially for me that so forgetful. I guess you should start making your own clipix too, it's easy and I am sure you'll love it. Here's a video to help you how it works. 

See how easy it is? Look what I made so far...



I clipped all my hand made stuff in one clipboard so I can easily look for all my handmade stuff when I need to look for it. Isn't nice? I love it!

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