Oct 20, 2008

Halloween Party Preparation

Yearly,we were attending Halloween party ever since our panganay was born. My husband and I love to see them wearing costume. Ishi's first Halloween party was at Alabang, dad's SSIP boss' town. Ishi was wearing Ballerina costume, Dad is Dracula and I am a witch, my tummy is not part of the costume, I was 7 months pregnant with Ethan that time hehehe.
Ishi's First Halloween "Trick or Treat"

Ishi's 2nd Halloween was at Pointwest (dad's new company after SSIP), that was Ethan's First Halloween naman. They were wearing SUPERMAN and WONDERWOMAN costumes.

Look at them, so cute!

This year, I'm expecting a Halloween party from Pointwest again, but still, wala pa ding anouncement. Pinaghirapan ko pa namang isipin kung anu ang magiging costume nila for this year. I was thinking (last September) of Ariel's costume for Ishi and Ariel's Prince costume for Ethan because Ishi loves Ariel that time. But one night, Lola Mama bought some Halloween headdresses, mickey headdress for Ethan, veil headdress and wand for Ishi. I find Mickey headdress so cutie and that gave me an idea of having Mickey and Minnie mouse costume for them.

Here's their costume for this year's Halloween Events........(thanks to Aling Lucy the Tailor)

Minnie Mouse Costume for ISHI

Mickey Mouse Costume for ETHAN

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